• “The greatest medicine of all is
    teaching people how not to need it."

    — Hippocrates

Who we are

Welcome to Parry’s Wellness and Diabetes Center, where we focus on providing personalized and comprehensive diabetes care as well as lifestyle medicine for other chronic diseases. Our goal is to help you change your health behavior and reduce your reliance on medication. Our mission is to assist in achieving your health goals by using evidence-based treatments that incorporate lifestyle interventions, medications, nutritional supplements, and fasting protocols as needed. 

At Parry’s Wellness and Diabetes Center, we understand that every individual is unique. That is why we offer care tailored to your specific needs. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your health concerns and helps you achieve optimal health..

What we offer

We offer a holistic approach to the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases. Dr. Bouhairie and her team will partner with you to promote health and wellness using innovative and cutting-edge health technologies, health coaches, nutrition consulting, exercise and stress reduction which will be personalized based on your specific needs. Dr. Bouhairie also offers endocrinology second opinion consultations, educational series as well as medical expert reviews.

Speaking Engagements

Healthcare works best when patients understand their conditions and choices and are actively engaged in their

Our values

Parry’s Wellness and Diabetes Center, PLLC

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Our vision is to be the premier recruitment agency for businesses seeking exceptional talent, providing personalized service and exceptional results.


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Our Blogs

Blogs, News & Updates.

The themes that are discussed on our blogs range from techniques to live a better lifestyle to items that should be included to a diet to further information on prevalent health concerns.

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