Dr. Bouhairie is the CEO and founder of Parry’s Wellness and Diabetes Center, PLLC. The clinic was named after her grandfather Edward Parry, a Ghanaian Pastor who believed in a holistic approach to healthcare. He was not in the medical field, however, he was faith-based and used natural techniques to prevent many chronic and acute illnesses. He emphasized self-care, family, faith and purpose in the community. Though Dr. Bouhairie never met him, she instilled his principles through all his seven daughters who were inspirational in her life (Grace, Ruth, Dorothy, Gemima, Salome, Lydia and of course, her mother Esther). Edward Parry’s lifestyle and faith were ultimately the inspiration for Dr. Bouhairie’s strong passion for a holistic approach to healthcare.

The clinic focuses on personalized and comprehensive medical delivery and coaching to help change health behavior to avoid and reduce medication use. She offers evidence based treatment recommendations using lifestyle interventions, medications, nutritional supplements as needed and fasting protocols. Her focus is to work with you and your specific needs as a partner to achieve optimal health.

Developing a partnership with Dr. Bouhairie, expect specialized lab testing, coaching and dietary guidance, well proven behavior modification techniques and health education. The goal of Parry’s Wellness and Diabetes Center is to provide a holistic and highly- personalized approach using the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine. Dr. Bouhairie’s goal is toensure she provides quality care, education, and attention to her patients. Her goal is to ensure all questions are answered and the patient feels empowered to make health choices for optimal well-being after every visit.